Pagnottone Panini


Pagnottone Porchetta 
A heavenly herbed pork shoulder softly and lovingly massaged then roasted and slowly rotisseried on the grill before going to your plate and overwhelmingly capture the scene. Once you tasted it you couldn’t get enough. Served with delicious baby cherry tomatoes and flavorful fresh green iceberg salad.

Pagnottone Salsiccia e Friarielli 
Terrific Umbrian style sausages entirely filled with Italian pork generously spiced with salt and black pepper and aromatized with a kindly reduction of white wine. They are leaned on a gracious bed of wild bitter broccoli sprouted and sautéed at high flame on DOP extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and a light sprinkle of red chili and garnished with a smooth, creamy and juicy mozzarella.

Pagnottone Vegan with Panelle
Are you vegan or just want to try something colorful and entirely plant based? Go with this palate-filling Pagnottone stuffed with delicious light-fried chickpeas pancakes generously garnished with Sicilian lemon juice.

Pagnottone Mortadella e Burrata 
A tasteful immersion on Italian southern tradition with this incredible panino filled with pork mortadella sliced thin and heavily roasted crumbled pistachios generously spreaded with creamy and juicy burrata cheese.