Wine Artist

A whole new wine-tasting experience


The Wine Artist is a journey to a lifelong ambition. Marco Petrozzi, an Italian entrepreneur, has been involved in many projects from different sectors over the years. However, his biggest passion has always been in the food industry. He always dreamt about opening his little bistro. He had many opportunities to open something like the “Wine Artist” but still felt it wasn’t the right time. What sold it to him this time was the karmic encounter with sommelier Maurizio Titone. Two very different people coming together towards the same goal: A little boutique wine bar. Marco started experiencing wine at the age of 27. One night, while having dinner at the Osteria dell’Arancio in Chelsea, he met Maurizio. This award-winning sommelier captured Marco’s attention while selling and narrating the stories of every wine he was bringing to the table. Marco never forgot that night. The passion, friendship, and genuine love for wine that Maurizio embodied that night were priceless. Ten years later, when Marco found an opportunity to buy this cosy corner in Highgate, he remembered that night he met Maurizio and decided to combine his business skills with the love of wine that Maurizio embodies.

This project brought together the re-discovery of ancient recipes, bringing to life ingredients and forgotten dishes in the palates of those who know how to appreciate.

“I always believed that the best things are the ones you don't expect. We wanted to recreate a place where people could gather and enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, wine. During the pandemic, I had a realization. Food and wine always bring people together; its one of the only things that will never go out of style. People would still appreciate a meeting place where to taste a real passion for wines and the composition and combination of high-quality ingredients while respecting every rule of social distancing and keep each other safe"

(Marco Petrozzi, Owner)


Maurizio Titone, sommelier
Maurizio began to open important bottles at the end of the 90s. It all starts at the Savoy Hotel, under the direction of Mr Mario Pernice (GM private rooms), where he meets and becomes a great friend of the Head Sommelier Andrea Rinaldi, today president of AIS in the United Kingdom. He still collaborates with Andrea today. The rise continues: first, he becomes Head Sommelier at the Giardinetto Fine Dining Restaurant, where he manages an impressive wine list [...]

Marco Petrozzi, owner
Marco is a concrete dreamer. He dreams about something, and he turns it into reality. An Italian entrepreneur, with humble origins, creating companies and businesses from scratch for the sole purpose of creating job opportunities and make people dream [...]


Yes, we sell wine, but we also sell experiences. Every wine evokes something different for everyone: the memory of a loved one, childhood, a time, a place, a feeling. In the heart of Highgate, The Wine Artist is nestled waiting to give customers a whole new wine-tasting experience. All levels of wine-lovers can come and learn the history, impact, and real human stories of each wine and its producer. The locale has a casual, rustic appearance upon walking in: the lights are dimmed, and romantic, the sommelier greets you warmly and invites you to sit down and like a father with his child, he will tell you a bedtime story that tastes of terroir and vines. The menu includes both traditional and organic wines and can be shared amongst a couple over dinner or an extensive wine tasting party. Diners can stop in to enjoy warm or cold dishes prepared with only the best of ingredients.


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