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Meet Maurizio

Maurizio Titone, sommelier

He has a passion for wine. It was a sip of his grandfather’s wine that changed everything for this Sicilian award-winning sommelier.

Maurizio began to open important bottles at the end of the 90s. It all starts at the Savoy Hotel, under the direction of Mr Mario Pernice (GM private rooms), where he meets and becomes a great friend of the Head Sommelier Andrea Rinaldi, today president of AIS in the United Kingdom. He still collaborates with Andrea today.

The rise continues: first, he becomes Head Sommelier at the Giardinetto Fine Dining Restaurant, where he manages an impressive wine list, taking the place of Christian Bucci, great Sommelier, now manager of Les Caves Italia. Then it reaches its definitive consecration in the London restaurant at the Orange Osteria with Michele Alisiani (Director) and Rachel Hampson (Owner). The wine list is considerable - almost 700 labels, from Sicily to Valle D'Aosta - and every month, he organised a tasting with the producer. At the Osteria dell'Arancio he also meets important characters such as Dario Poddana (Les Caves), Mauro Segatta (Liberty), Federico Bruschetta (Passione Vino), Gianni Segatta (Alivini), Francesca Cioce (Gaia), Alessandra Atzeri (Bibendum), Mario Penge (Mondial wine) and other great wine experts who have enriched him professionally and expanded his knowledge. Maurizio's latest work experience is as Head Sommelier at Bocconcino Restaurant (Mayfair).

  • May 23, 2021
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