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Meet Marco

Marco Petrozzi

He is a concrete dreamer. He dreams about something, and he turns it into reality. An Italian entrepreneur, with humble origins, creating companies and businesses from scratch for the sole purpose of creating job opportunities and make people dream.

Marco has a passion for ideas. He likes to come up with ideas, but it's turning them into action that thrills him. The Wine Artist is one of those. Marco was born in Umbria, but it is in London - with its opportunities - that he flourished.

Starts with a workshop. Very young, without speaking English, he gives a professional structure to a place where the conception of turnover was only stuff from Silicon Valley. Here, thanks to Marco's instinct, the turnover of that workshop grew 6 times it’s value. But he never liked staying still.
He buys a dilapidated building on Brick Lane, renovates it and that too becomes a money machine for him and his employees, which he considers fundamental to creating the perfect team. Today that building is a hotel with 30 rooms.

The other great success is Big Ferro, a handmade metal factory born from a dream: to bring craftsmanship - and creativity - made in Italy to England. Future projects: thinking and building the future starting from the present. Robotics, farms, new frontiers of philanthropism are just some of the projects Marco works on every day.

  • May 23, 2021
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